Insight Meditation Ann Arbor is a completely volunteer-led and run organization. Everything that the organization does, happens only because someone has decided they would step up and help – as a service to the community. If you have something you wold like to see happen in the community, we will support you in making that happen.

The following opportunities for service to our community have been defined. We try to keep the effort needed for a position to a minimum. We generally ask a volunteer (except the board members which service for two years) to commit to just one year of service for a position – thereby spreading the load placed on any single individual. Please consider offering your service to the community by sending an Email to info@insightmeditationannarbor.org.

Board Directors – Our by-laws require five board positions (president, vice-president, treasurer, and two members at large). The terms rotate so that each year we need two new board members. Meetings are usually quarterly. Some business is conducted via Email. Typically a board member might spend 1-2 hours a month on sangha business. Current board members as of April 2018:

  • President: Jeremy S. (term ends Oct. 2019)
  • Secretary: Kim L. (term ends Aug 2020)
  • Will K. (term ends Aug 2020)
  • Evelyn N. (term ends Oct 2019)
  • Treasurer, teacher liasion: Lou W. (term ends Apr 2020)

Web Site maintenance – This person oversees email announcements and updating the web site. This person typically spends 2-3 hours a month on IMA2 business.
Current web person: Terry G. and Will K.

Sangha communications – This person oversees email responses and organizes classes and Sunday sittings. This person typically spends ten hours a month on IMA2 business.
Current organizer: Susan W.

Community Meeting Facilitator – This person runs the monthly one-hour community meetings, preparing an agenda (items usually come from the community), leads the discussion at the meeting, and then writes a summary of the meeting (usually a page or less). This person typically spends two hours a month on sangha business.
Current volunteer: open

Room Cleaning Angels – This is composed of two groups of two individuals who share the task of keeping the Meditation Room clean – vacuuming, dusting, etc. Each group commits to cleaning (usually after the Sunday sitting) once every other month. An individual typically spends 1.5 hours every other month in service.
Current cleaning angels: Sheryl K., Sharon F., David R., and Linda P.

Bookkeeper – this person keeps track of income and makes sure expenses are paid.
Current bookkeeper: open

Librarian – this person organizers an informal lending library of dharma books.
Current librarian: open.

Friday night events – This person is the point person organiziung Friday night events. A monthly social opportunity for Insight Meditation members to offer their skills, wisdom, and interests.
Current organizer: Janet C.

Retreat Committee – these peploe support teachers in organizing retreats. This includes managing registration, answering correspondence as well as bringing materials to/from the event itself. We try to include one person outside our immediate sangha.
Current retreat committee: Greg G., Jennifer S. and Tanya S.

Upon occasion there are other tasks needing volunteers, but these are handled on an ad-hoc basis – asking for volunteers for the task at that time.