Upcoming Meditation Classes

meditation classes

Meditation classes are a wonderful support for your practice, and a place to meet like minded friends. Upcoming meditation classes at Insight Meditation Ann Arbor are listed below, space is limited and registration is required.

DONATION BASIS NOTE: In the Insight tradition, the teachings are offered freely, as it is understood that their value is priceless. Our teachers volunteer their time and energy to make these teachings available.

At the same time, support is needed for those teachings to continue, as there are costs that must be met every month. An opportunity to leave a donation will be offered at each class. There is also a link to Paypal on the home page that can be designated as a class donation. We can only offer the teaching, and trust that the receivers will respond in kind. Thank you for your support.

Classes take place in the Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Meeting Room in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Working with your Inner Critic

The inner critic is the part of us which tries to keep the ego in line, using different tools to keep the unconscious unconscious. It is a structure which incorporates the do’s and don’t s of our caretakers when we are small. Unfortunately, it often keeps giving us that same advice as we grow older, often in voice which is not supportive, even berating at times.

Any true spiritual path will put pressure on this system. In this class we will explore the terrain of the inner critic for each person. We will use tools of meditation, personal inquiry and psychological exercises to learn more about this coercive agent. As we learn more, we start to get more space from the inner critic and it exerts less power in our lives allowing more freedom and wholeness.

DATES: 4 Tuesdays May 1, 8, 15, 29 (skip May 22) and Saturday, June 9
TIME: 6:30-9:00 PM
LED BY: Lou Weir
LEVEL: Anyone with a meditation practice
LOCATION: Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Meeting Room

Please register online here.

2018/06 – Practice Intensive – evening format – June 3-9

We’ve often pondered how we could better bring the deep mindfulness of a retreat experience more fully into our daily lives. Here’s a wonderful opportunity for a retreat without walls.

Spend a week putting your practice first and foremost in your life, as we do on a retreat, by bringing retreat into daily life.

This year Practice Intensive has a new evening format.

After the Sunday orientation, we will meet each evening for two sittings and a walking in between, followed by a short talk with instructions for bringing in-life awareness focus to the following day.

It is understood that many of us have evening commitments, and may not be able to attend all evenings. Please plan on attending at least three of the Monday-Friday evening practices to participate.

The intensive kicks off Sunday, June 3rd,
from 6:45-8:30 pm with sitting and an overview for the week.

DATES: June 3-8, 2018
TIME: Sunday to Friday 6:45-8:30 PM
LED BY: Lou Weir
LEVEL: Anyone with a meditation practice

LOCATION: Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Meeting Room

Please register online to join the intensive