Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Location
Insight Meditation Ann Arbor
1415 Miller Ave
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Our location is in the lower level of the Calvary United Methodist Church building at the intersection of Miller and Newport.

All classes, sittings and events meet here unless otherwise specified.

PARKING: Please park on Newport Rd. or the side street if you are able bodied. There is a bike rack next to the Miller St. entrance door for cyclists. If stairs are a challenge, park in the back parking lot and use the parking lot door. The accessible stair lift is inside this door.

ENTRANCES: There are two entrances to the building. One is a double door at the back near the parking lot. The other is off Miller Road along a gravel road on the east side of the building.

We have two basic guidelines about which entrance to use. Sunday mornings we ask you to use the Miller Road entrance, so we do not bother people entering the church for their service.

For events not on Sunday morning, feel free to use either door. If it is dark or inclement (snow, ice, rain), do use the parking lot door.

In both cases go down the stairs and make your way to our meditation room near the kitchen. If you come from the parking lot, you’ll also have to make your way through the social hall to the kitchen.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you have problems with stairs, enter from the parking lot and use the accessible stair lift. If you are not familiar with using the stair lift, it’s helpful to email us in advance, so we can have someone available to show you how the lift works.