Community Advisory Group

Insight Meditation Ann Arbor conducts regular community advisory group meetings. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the ongoing values and activities of the sangha, to raise issues of shared concern, to initiate activities not requiring board approval, and to make recommendations to the board that have fiscal or organizational impacts to the Sangha.

The community meeting is currently held quarterly, on a Sunday at 11:30 AM, after the Sunday sitting. A volunteer facilitates the meeting, taking notes and posts the minutes here.

Community meetings are an opportunity for sangha members to bring any questions, comments or concerns for discussion in a group setting. Members of the board and the Teachers circle will be in attendance.

The Community Meeting serves to bring together members of the sangha in order to

  1. discuss issues and make recommendations related to the administration and operation of the organization
  2. develop a vision for the sangha and explore ways to implement it
  3. facilitate communication between the teachers, the board and the community

The next community meeting will be after the holidays.

Notes from the Oct. 21 meeting:

Recently the board and the teachers have been discussing the possibility of some changes to our sitting schedule. Possibilities include expanding the Sunday morning format to include an earlier sitting preceding the current one, some social time in between the two sittings, offering child care, and other changes to the existing format.

We recognize that the space is filling up as our sangha grows and that the air temperature and circulation are less than optimal. We will be addressing these issues as a part of this discussion.

We invite you to attend to both hear about them and to voice your response and express your preferences on these or any other topics.

If you have a topic that should be discussed, send an Email to the administrator.

2019 Community Minutes

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Minutes from Past Years