2018/03 – Non-doing Meditation

When we come to practice, we often seek for something, more peace, more wisdom, more—something– which we think will make us happy. This can take us a certain distance, but, there is an inherent limitation to it. Any time you are seeking something not already present for happiness, your seeking can become an impediment. In the progression of practice, there can be a loosening of this seeking and a wanting to know what is true can guide our practice. From this bigger container, we can start to drop the searching. When we drop this, we can start to see more of what has always been here—our true nature. Along the way we also surrender our sense that we know how things should be, but just accept each moment as it is without manipulation. This morning session will be oriented to having a taste of this radical acceptance. There will be different meditations, and time for questions and answers with emphasis on practice. Please come.
DATE: Saturday, March 17
TIME: 8:30 to 12 noon
LED BY: Lou Weir
LEVEL: All Levels
LOCATION: Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Meeting Room

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