2018/05 – May Off-Leash Writing Workshop

Tanya Shaffer
Off-Leash Writing is a vital, no-holds barred, transformative practice, in which we put pen to paper and cut loose, burning through to first thoughts, outstripping our inner critics with the sheer velocity of our words. During this two-hour session, Tanya will give prompts, and we’ll write in 10-15 minute bursts, without editing or correction, pen never leaving the page. Afterwards, we’ll read our writing aloud, without critique or commentary. The power in this practice is not only in the writing, but also in the listening: to the prompt (which is usually a poem), to the inner stream of your own words, to the words of others, and to your own words again as you read them aloud.

Tanya is a playwright and author with 20 years of productions and publications behind me. She is currently completing a teacher training for this particular writing practice, and is thrilled to share it with the IMA2 community. You can learn more about her and her writing at http://offleashwriting.com/.

Please bring pen and paper and be ready to use them!

This workshop is limited to 8 people and is full. If you are interested in a possible future offering, send Tanya Shaffer tanyashaffer@gmail.com an Email directly indicating your interest.

DATE: Friday, May 11
TIME: 7-9 PM
LED BY: Tanya Shaffer
LEVEL: All Levels
LOCATION: Insight Meditation Ann Arbor Meeting Room