2019/05 – Spring Retreat

Weber Center

Retreats are suitable for beginning as well and continuing meditation students. Vegetarian options for all meals. All rooms are doubles and have a sink and bathroom.

As we near the retreat time you’ll be sent precise details about the retreat.

Registration should open about 3 months before the retreat.

Central to the dhamma and insight practice is waking to the emptiness of self – finding what is beyond the limited, separate sense of self we live in. There seems to be a “me” inside and the rest of the world outside.
How can we soften the boundaries that seem so firm between an inside me and the outside world? What is there beyond the ego’s needs and activities? Rather than this being something we need to ‘get’ to, it is already in place and is what has called us to practice in the first place.

STARTS: Friday May 10, 2019 at 11 AM
ENDS: Sunday May 12, 2019, at 1PM, after lunch
TEACHERS: Lou and Susan Weir
LEVEL: All Levels
LOCATION: Weber Retreat Center, 1257 East Siena Heights Drive, Adrian, MI

Please register online here.