Insight Meditation Ann Arbor

Insight Meditation Ann Arbor

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Insight meditation, also known as vipassana meditation, is a moment by moment awareness of what is happening in our experience, leading to self understanding and freedom.

Insight Meditation Ann Arbor is a sangha practicing insight meditation located in Ann Arbor, Michigan just west of Detroit. We offer group meditation every Sunday at 10:00-11:20 AM with a 45 minute sitting and sharing afterwards. There is also a longer, silent group meditation every Thursday at 6:45 -8:30 PM. All are welcome at any of our sittings.

NEW: Tuesday morning sitting, 8-8:30 am. See details under sittings header.

Jan 18-19: Visiting teacher John Cunningham.Friday night dhamma talk and Saturday day long.
See details under events header.

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