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teacher in training Kristi Holmstrom

In 2008 Kristi read in a book about how to quiet the mind by focusing on the sensations in the inner body. After a few years of practicing in this way she took the first of many classes on the practice of Insight Meditation and began to deepen her own study and practice.
Kristi's focus in her daily practice and in her teaching is continually returning to the present moment through the body and the breath. She's learned that the more present she is the more she feels like herself, feels clear, and feels at ease. This is what she aims to help her students discover for themselves.
Kristi teaches Fundamentals of Insight Meditation at Insight Meditation Ann Arbor, leads weekly meditation at Glacier Hills Senior Living Community, and has a regular yoga practice. She is a retired UM faculty member and former public school teacher, has three adult children, and enjoys gardening with her husband in Ann Arbor.

Kristi Holmstrom


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