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IMS visiting teacher: Chas DiCapua May 16-18 2014

Visiting residential teacher from IMS offered a talk and a weekend workshop here at IMA2.

Chas DiCapua, a graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training, has offered meditation teaching since 2001. He is interested in how all aspects of life can be used towards awakening. Currently the IMS Resident Teacher, he teaches throughout the US

  • Recording of: FRIDAY NIGHT TALK

    Finding Joy and Happiness In The Here And Now
    All people want to be happy. It’s an essential part of being a human being. Yet, very few people understand just how to go about it. Most of us think that happiness is going to happen at some point in the future, or that something needs to be different in order for happiness to occur, and the way to be happy is to get as much of what I like and hang on to it and keep away what I don’t like as much as possible. The Buddha’s teachings not only demonstrate with simplicity and clarity that these assumptions simply are not true, but he goes on to show us how we can actually cultivate happiness in our lives right here and now. This talk will explore these teachings in greater detail.




    Cultivating A Kind Attention
    Although the basic nature of our mind is to be naturally aware, we has humans have gotten into the habit of not being aware. Meditation practice can be seen as training the heart and mind so that the default shifts from being lost in a thought created world, to being aware of the present moment. This cultivation of heart and mind is an important aspect of the Buddhist path. Another, equally important aspect of the path is the development of kindness and compassion. So, as we undertake meditation practice, it is of utmost importance that we do it with an attitude of care and kindness towards ourselves. It is very common for folks to bring a critical, result oriented approach to their meditation practice. This leads to frustration, self –criticism and eventually a giving up of the practice. In this day long retreat, through meditation, and discussion, we will explore how to engage in training the heart and mind in a caring way. We’ll be learning now to cultivate a kind attention.


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