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About Insight Meditation Ann Arbor

Insight Meditation Ann Arbor is sangha practicing insight meditation (vipassanna). We began in the summer of 2012 and a few years later for tax purposes became a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing education about insight meditation. We are a completely volunteer-led and run organization, with no paid staff, address or phone. In 2015 we renovated space for sittings (Insight Meditation Room) in the basement of Calvary Methodist Church.

The purpose of the sangha is to support the practice of insight meditation. Once a month community meetings are held where the community makes decisions about the direction of the sangha. There is no membership role of the sangha - those who show up for the public meeting make the decisions.

We have a small group of teachers (see the Teachers tab above) who graciously offer their time and knowledge of the dharma with the sangha. The teacher circle also oversees the classes and sittings at IMA2 and co-ordinates room useage.
We occasionally invite speakers outside the sangha to address us. Once a month members present topics of interest to the group in a Friday venue (see the Events tab above). Our intent is to have a pot-luck dinner several times a year to foster a strong social network.


  • Fundamentals of Insight meditation Class - is a six week class on the fundamentals of insight mediation. This is offered several times a year. The goal of this class is to provide a strong foundation of the mechanics of mediation and some of the key teachings that form the basis of our practice.

  • Continuing Classes - are classes for those with a good foundation of insight mediation who are ready to explore the practice in more depth.

  • Other Classes - are classes offered by the teachers based on their own particular interest and motivation. These vary widely in topic and scope.

  • Meditation Sittings - are opportunities to for group meditations. Our anchor sitting is the Sunday morning service from 10:00 to 11:20 each week. This is a 45 minute sitting, followed by a talk or group sharing. (see the Weekly Sittings tab above) Others are simply silent sittings together. Upon occasion a week of daily sittings (e.g. Boosters or Intensives) are organized by a teacher.

  • Silent Retreats - are offered twice a year (May and October) and led by a teacher. In the past these have been at De Sales and the Weber Center.

  • Friday Night Events - happen once a month, led by community members. In the past, we've had musical offerings, a film screening, potlucks, and short workshops or discussions on topics of interest.


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